Thursday, April 22, 2010

DW is Back

It's been a while since anything has gone up here on DW, and I am hoping to get back into it now that baseball season is in full swing. So much has happened since Nova lost to St. Mary's in the second round of the NCAA tourney, and there is so much to talk about. The NFL draft is tonight, McNabb was traded to a division rival, the Flyers are on their way to knocking off the Devils in the Playoffs, Tiger Woods, How the Eagles traded Sheldon Brown for a 5th round pick, and then in turn signed a cornerback who is coming off of not one, but two knee surgeries to play safety. We can sit here all day and bitch about all this, but the reality of it all is that its baseball season. I hope McNabb sticks it to the Eagles this year, and Andy Reid drafts another Defensive Lineman in the first round that sucks. Quite frankly I don't give a shit about all of this, because right now the real team of Philly is back on the ball field.

How freakin good is Roy Halladay? I mean so far in the four games that he has pitched he really hasn't been challenged yet. Can he really win 25-26 games this year? It really is amazing when he steps out on the hill every 5th day and dominates. Roy Halladay is so good and so dominant, but that all means nothing at this point unless you win. The bullpen just like last year stinks. Ruben Amaro needs to find someone that can go out there and get outs in the later innings. I know that they are missing two key pitchers to that pen, but who knows what they will pitch like when they come back. This is something that needs to be addressed ASAFP. With the offense clicking, all the back end of the bullpen has to do is get outs. Last night proved that we have a more than capable defense, so all that pen really has to do is keep the damn ball in the park. Success will come if they go with that mentality.
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