Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Its been a while since there was a post on DW, there has been a lot that has happened with the Flyers in the cup, the whole Phils starting lineup taking a trip to the DL, and the Eagles are getting ready for a 7-9 season (can't wait). Anyway, I was thinking that DW has to get started up again. We need contributors out there that will consistently stir the pot and are not afraid to take some criticism. For the current readers it is greatly appreciated for your contributions to the blog. Let's see if we can branch out and bring some newcomers to the site and have some fun with this. I mean the Phils are back, and are priming to make another run at a World Series, so lets see what we can do to try and get this thing back up and running. There is nothing better than arguing about sports. Doc and Namesake are you out there? Where have you two been? What do you two homos think?
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