Friday, June 19, 2009

Babying Pitchers

David Price of the Tampa Rays may very well be the top prospect in all of Baseball. Last year the Rays did not want to "rush" him to the bigs so they didn't call him up until late in the season as a middle reliever. This year they did not want to "rush" him into a starting pitcher role so he began the season in AAA. I know, I know, there were arbitration reason why he wasn't called up before to stay but my question is, What were they waiting for? I saw an amazing stat on an article by Tom Verducci. David Price saw the 7th inning for the first time in his career this week as a starter. You say, yeah but he's so young...Here are his vs CC Sabathia's stats at the same age, 2 months before their 24 birthday

Sabathia 45 Wins - 650.1 innings - 29 110 pitch games

Price 1 Win - 40 innings - 0 110 pitch games

This isn't even comparing different generations. I understand that Sabathia was drafted out of high school and Price out of college but all that means is that Price should have more polish at this age. We are getting to the point where a 4 inning game will be a "Quality Start". At least the Phillies starters are getting pulled because well, they stink - Why do they baby these guys so much?
Teams are more worried about them hurting their arms then they are of them helping their team.


  1. Your right CC was drafted out of High School and Price out of Vanderbilt. There is a huge difference going from College to Pro. CC had the opporunity to get big league experience at an earlier age and proved that he was ready for the Bigs. Price was 21, coming out of college with 0 big league experience, and in my opinion has not really proved that he belongs there. He is good at times, but he can also be really bad too.

  2. Price was the best relief pitcher on the Rays in the playoffs last year but was barely used. He has dominated in every level of the minors he has played in. The only reason he hasn't "proven" he belongs in the majors is because he hasn't been given the chance. Its ridiculous

  3. Price didn't pitch that much in the playoffs last year. If you remember everyone was riding him cause he recorded the save in the clinching gamie of the ALCS, big f'in deal. All the reporters were saying that it was basically going to be an 8 inning game because Price would shut down the Phils. Actually he got hit around in the series.

    His first outing against Cleveland he didn't even make it out of the 4th. He went 7 against the Rockies, but still took the loss. He has great stuff, but he is erratic at some points in the game.

    I am not saying that he is a bad pitcher at all, I am just saying that GM's want to make sure that their top prospects are completely ready. One bad outing for a young prospect can mess with their head and screw up their career. GM's just want to be sure, I know they are babying the young kids, but these kids are multi million dollar investments.

  4. 1.93 era last year. He allowed 1 run in the playoffs. 3.46 era this year and he averages 5 innings per start. Let the pitchers pitch.

  5. I agree. These pitchers today are coddled worse than McNabb (see how I work in shots at him whenever possible?). This is a little off-topic, but I can't stand when a starter is rolling, the other team can't touch him, and he is pulled in the 9th for the closer. The constant emphasis on pitch-counts is annoying too. Once a guy hits 100 pitches, it's like a glaring red-flag to get him out of the game after 2 straight balls or someting. Different time, different game, I guess. Nolan Ryan pummeled Robin Ventura after his 186th pitch. What a legend.

  6. And then he gave Ventura a nuggie...