Thursday, June 11, 2009

'Bama on Probation

The NCAA has placed 16 of Alabama's athletic teams on 3 years probation for misuse of free text books. 201 student athletes used their scholarships to get free text books for other students, the University was also found guilty of "failure to monitor". The University was ordered to pay a $43,900 fine.

Something tells me the cost of textbooks is about to go up...

The Birmingham News is reporting that 'Bama's football team will have to forfeit at least 10 victories between '05 and '07. The University has said none of the textbooks or materials were used for profit or to get items not related to academics, and that the athletes involved who still have eligibility remaining have had to pay restitution.

Coach Nick Saban has to learn to follow John Calipari's lead and get the hell out of there before he gets caught. Truth is that as long as they don't lose scholarships or bowl eligibility, it is basically a slap on the wrist.

Roll Tide!


  1. Amazing--Barnes and Noble/Textbook and college textbooks are the ads running on this blog---90% off--better deal than the Bama players got!!!!!

  2. Ha...You're probably right!

    I think this suspension is a joke. This happens at every university at every level. I understand it's the letter of the law, but come on now!

    Saban came into 'Bama in '07 so this "scandal" was going on before he got there.

    The NCAA should concentrate more on the six-figure salaries of the student athletes of the Pac-10 and stop worrying about college kids trying to get a good deal on text books.

    This is a joke!