Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Morning After

What you missed while crying over not getting your Eagles tickets yesterday....

Blue Jays 8 Phils 3: The Phils had the lead in the Top of the 9th when Ryan Madsen gave up a bases loaded walk to tie the game at 3. Scott Rolen hit the go-ahead single in the 10th and the Jays tacked on four more runs for good measure, continuing the Phillies' woes at home this year. Cole Hamels lasted 6 innings, giving up 7 hits and 2 runs.

Rangers 6 Astros 1: The Astros' Ivan Rodriguez homered last night in a game in which he tied the major league record for games caught. The 14-time All-Star and 13-time Gold Glover caught his 2,226th game, tying Hall of Famer Carlton Fisk for the most ever. Rodriguez accomplished the feat against the team he started his career with at age 19, playing with the Rangers for 12 seasons. Pudge has dealt with steroid rumors over the last few years, bringing his Hall of Fame credentials into question. Would you vote him in? I would. By the way, the Rangers won 6-1.

More Steroid Talk: The New York Times is reporting that former Cubs OF Sammy Sosa tested positive for performance enhancing drugs in 2003 during the MLB's survey testing of players. It was during this same testing period that Alex Rodriguez failed a test too. As much as I dislike the whole idea of players taking steroids, it's not right for MLB to test the players "anonymously", and then let their names be released years later. I will always remember Sosa for forgetting how to speak english in front of Congress during the steroid hearings, not so much for his 609 career HR's. That's pretty sad. Hall of Fame? What do you think?


  1. So not only was Sammy Soso taking steroids in 2003, but he was also using a corked bat. Fucking scumbag!

  2. Wait...Sammy Sosa took steriods??!! I NEVER would've guessed!

    I thought the fact that he gained 75 pounds of muscle and went from a singles hitter to one of the best Home Run hitters ever was because he drank his milk.

    Is it a coincidence that 90% of the names that actually come out involving steroids are Hispanic? Rodriguez, Ramirez, Romero, Palmeiro, etc.