Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Phils-Mets Preview

The Phils travel to Citi Field tonight for a three game series with the hated New York Mets. The Fightins are coming off a successful 6-2 West Coast trip - should have been 8-0! - while the Mets were 2-4 on their trip, getting swept by the Pirates and taking 2 of 3 from the pathetic Washington Nationals. The Phils will show up in NY with a 21-8 road record this year, the best in baseball.

Tuesday, Happ (4-0, 2.48) vs. Santana (7-3, 2.00)

Wednesday, Hamels (4-2, 4.40) vs. Pelfrey (4-2, 4.85)

Thursday, Moyer (4-5, 6.27) vs. Redding (0-2, 6.97)

The Phils have their hands full on Tuesday night against Santana, but with the way Happ has been pitching the Mets may have just as tough a time. Hamels should dominate on Wednesday night, and hopefully Moyer can muster another quality start on Thursday. My prediction is, shockingly, that the Phils will hand the Mets their asses. I worked all night and came up with a complicated formula to predict the outcome of this series: Phils domination on the road + Mets poor play as of late / flamboyant queer SS on the DL = 6 games up going into the Boston series. I am a genius.

Go Phils!


  1. Although the Mets are struggling, this is going to be a tough series.

    We owe Santana a loss after Werth and Feliz handed him a win after Chan Ho pitched his only gem of the season. Happ has been pitching well, but we'll need run support because we can't expect him to pitch better than 6 innings, 3 runs.

    Not worried at all about Hamels. He's in a groove right now, but Moyer struggles against this team. Hopefully Happ and Hamels can save the bullpen so we have insurance in case Moyer gets lit up early. We gotta watch out for Redding. He has a habit of turning into Nolan Ryan when he's playing the Phils.

    2-of-3 would be HUUGE in this series going into a tough one against the Sox.

  2. Good call on Redding. The Mets signed him for this reason only. I never thought I would see "Ho" and "Gem" in the same sentence but he did pitch great that game. Decent game out of the 'pen the other night too. 3IP's 0 runs for Ho

    The Mets will be fired up to see Hamels after his "choke" comments in the offseason. I am looking for some bench clearing action in that game.

    Rollins usually wakes up for the big stage in New York too.