Friday, June 12, 2009

Phils-Sox Preview

Big weekend at Citizens Bank Park as the fackin’ Red Sox are in town to take on the Phils. The Phils and Sox have won the last two World Series’, and come into this series as two of the best teams in baseball again this year. The Fightins might have their hands full this weekend, as the pitching matchups seem to favor Boston.

The fanbase matchup goes to Philly. Is there another group of fans more obnoxious than Boston? Where do they get off? I’m sure they’ll be out in full force this weekend, so expect to hear a lot of “This pahk is wicked sweet! Who the fahk is this Ibawnez, he’s no Nomah ”, among other accented annoyances. Losers.

Friday: Lester, LHP (5-5, 5.09) vs. Blanton, RHP (4-3, 5.46)

Saturday: Matsuzaka, RHP (1-4, 7.33) vs. Bastardo, LHP (2-0, 2.45)

Sunday: Beckett, RHP (7-2, 3.77) vs. Happ, LHP (4-0, 2.98)

I’ll be honest; I don’t know how much I like the Phils chances to win this series. Lester has been pitching well lately and Becket has been a beast all season. Dice-K has struggled mightily, but the pessimist in me keeps waiting for the bottom to drop out on Bastardo. Blanton is 2-0 with a 1.80 ERA in his last three starts, so tonight’s game should be interesting when he squares off against Jon Lester. It’s hard to bet against Josh Beckett – he has a 13 2/3 inning scoreless streak going right now, is 5-0 with a 1.70 ERA in his last seven, and is 8-3 with a 3.67 ERA career vs. the Phils. To sum it up, I’m not hopeful for Sunday. Regardless of what the stats say, we know the Phils can hit with the best, and they can definitely win this series if the starting pitching maintains the level we’ve seen over the last couple weeks. My prediction: W, L, L.
I am silently booing myself for that prediction.

Go Phils!

**Just for you, NardDog...


  1. That prediction sucks! Then again the Phillies have a sub 500 home record. But still, that prediction sucks!

    Boston fans remind me of this one time when I sharted in my pants at the bar. It was really annoying, but the Phillies were on that night and they won, so I just flushed my undies down the toilet and talked about how much my shart reminded me of Boston fans.

  2. WTF... no Happy Birthday Adriana Lima post? So what if she married a retarded looking rapist and is pregnant.

  3. I think the Red Sox are going to struggle this weekend. Their sweep of the Yanks was huge for them and they're due for a let down.

    Blanton has been pitching well and we're going to get another solid outing from Bastardo. I'm worried about Happ on Sunday.

    Prediction - W,W,L

  4. Lester is a tough matchup - I think he shutout the Phils last year. I think the bats will come alive on Saturday and Sunday though. I will take the opposite L, W, W

  5. Settle your horses, NardDog. I took care of you.

  6. Fuck you Marko!

    My Phils prediction: W,W,W.

    I was just saying, she deserves a shout out.

  7. Great picture Namesake! Where the hell did you find that one?

  8. @NardDog: Some fucking loser sent it to me. I think his name was George.

  9. This site is like a softcore porn today.