Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Time to Panic?

The Phillies just completed their worst homestand since going 1-9 in August 2004, tied for the second worst since 1950. The defending champs are not getting good enough pitching. When they do pitch well, the bats stay in the dugout. The lineup is painfully inconsistent making mediocre pitchers look like all-stars. Jimmy Rollins contines to look like he should be hidden in the 8 hole instead of leading off. Everybody who was yelling for Madson to replace Lidge cannot wait for Lidge to come back and replace Madson. They still have yet to win a game since Ibanez went down. Raul, Myers, Lidge, Eyre and now Condrey are all on the DL. Take away the gNats at they have a below .500 record!

It is time to panic, right? The sports talk 950 and 610 guys are panicking, so we should panic, right? Nah, I am actually not worried at all. It is a slump. Slumps happen over the course of a 162 game season. They won't continue to lose at home, just as they probably won't continue to have the best road record. It will even out. They will have to add players (pitchers) to make a run in the playoffs but I think the current group gets them there. 6 straight losses to Toronto and Baltimore are unacceptable but this team seems to do that, in some form, every June. Last year, after Boston and the Angels slammed the Phillies, we were talking about how the Phillies were clearly inferior to the AL powers. How did that work out?

Nobody else in the NL East seems to have any interest in winning the division. The Mets are running out of bodies and fading before they usually do. I thought the Braves might make a run after aquiring McLouth from Pittsburgh but they are losing more than they are winning. Florida is sitting around .500 and are a team that you would rather not let hang around but does anybody believe they are serious contenders? C'mon the Mets usually peak in June. The Phils peak in September.

I can't believe Jimmy will be this bad all year. Maybe us "front running fans" should get on him before his next pop up instead of after it. Ryan Howard continues to be his -all or nothing- self but isn't he actually ahead of where he usually is, this time of year? Maybe Raul's, couple weeks off, will revive him for a big second half to match his first. The lineup will come around. The pitching is another story. Hamels is the ace, confident every time he's on the rubber. After that? Blanton is adequate, maybe a little bit better than adequate. Moyer is shaky at best. Happ and Bastardo have pitched fairly well so far but how long can they do it? A shaky rotation almost always means a worn out bullpen, which is what the Phillies have right now. Hey Chalie - why have three catchers on the roster when the 'pen is falling apart?

This is where Amaro comes in, hopefully with the guidence of Gillick, he can acquire a #2 starter and a righthanded bullpen arm. Right now there are not many names out there. Cliff Lee and Roy Oswalt is where I would look, after the Jays turned me down for Halliday. Maybe another outfield bat like Spilborghs too. Amaro has about a month to tweak the club to ensure a better chance at a run but I'm not worried. I fully expect to be enjoying some Oktoberfest beers watching the Phils in the playoffs.


  1. I agree that everything will even out in time. There is no way the home record can remain so pathetic over the course of the season. The most important thing to remember is that the Phils are still in 1st place - as shitty as they've played they are still in command of the division.

  2. I agree as well. I mean 950 has some crediblity, but 610 are the biggest bunch of idiots. I mean Mark Forezetta has his own show. The Phils will be just fine. They are good enough to make the playoffs, but not good enough to repeat right now. Another bat and pitcher can really make them a dangerous team

  3. Agreed, 610 are village idiots, as are half their callers. Mike, Oktoberfest beers? Was that a suggestion for another Baltic Thunder party? Done and done.