Sunday, June 7, 2009

Weekend Recap

Here are some notes on a very good sports weekend:

MEMORIAL: Tiger Woods won the Memorial on Sunday with a 7 under 65 after trailing by 4 going into the day. Woods iced it on 18 with a 183 foot 7 iron that he put a foot from the hole. I guess there are some who would be happy with that shot. This is the 4th time he has won the Memorial at Muirfield Village. The US Open is in 2 weeks at Bethpage Black where Woods will look to defend his title. If Tiger plays anywhere near what he played today, you might as well wrap it up.

STANLEY CUP: The Detroit Red Wings are 1 win away from their 5th Stanley Cup in the past 12 years. Red Wings star Pavel Datsyuk returned for game 5 and made his presence known right away, leveling Evgeni Malkin early in the 1st period and assisting on the first (soft) goal of the game. Detroit outclassed Pittsburgh in the 5-0 W. Its too bad people just don't care about hockey. Its amazing how Detroit has stayed dominant through the years. After the strike, there was a salary cap implemented and the game completely changed on the ice, yet the Wings keep winning as if they have Yzerman, Fedorov, Dino Ciccarelli, Paul Coffey and Nicklaus Lindstom...Ok maybe I still play NHL '94 a little too much... I take that back, no such thing as too much

BELMONT: Summer Bird knocked off favorite Mine that Bird and held off Dunkirk to win the Belmont on Saturday afternoon. Larry Bird and former Phil, Paul Byrd failed to make it out of the gate. Big Bird and Tweety Bird could not be reached for comment. A $2 trifecta paid out $295

NBA FINALS: The Orlando Magic had their chance to knock off the Lakers on Sunday night after Courtney Lee beat Kobe on a back screen but he cheesed a last second alley oop layup at the end of regulation. DirtyWudders enemy JJ Redick hit a big 3 to tie up the game late in the 4th. The Lakers won the OT 13-8 to take a commanding 2 games to nothing lead as the series shifts to Orlando.

FRENCH OPEN: Roger Federer defeated Robin Soderling on Sunday to capture his first French Open Title and 14th major title. The French Open completes the Career Grand Slam for Federer.

PHILS: The 2 best teams in baseball collided in L.A. this weekend and ended up with a 2/2 split. The Phils had their chances but 2 blown saves by Brad Lidge cost them 2 W's. The Phillies defense has been one of the tops in baseball this season but a couple of gaffes by Bruntlett and Feliz hurt them on Friday night (Saturday am), and I don't know if its just me but I think Jayson Werth could have had that shot by Furcal on Saturday. Regardless, something has to give with Lidge. It looked like he was starting to come around a little bit until these most recent BS's.


  1. The Phils should be working on a 10 game win streak right now. Feliz makes that play 99 out of 100 times - that was just unlucky. I think Werth makes that catch too.

    2-2 in LA is respectable, and the Phils are still playing great baseball. They are going to f the s out of the Mets this week.

  2. I missed most of the Magic-Lakers game because of the Phils, but whne I heard that JJ Reddick was taking key shots (and making key turnovers) I knew the Magic were in trouble.

    This guy couldn't get off the bench in the regular season, why is he in the game now?

    About the Phils, 2-2 is respectable, but not good enough. We could've made a HUUGE statement this weekend if we even took 3-out of-4 from them. The Mets are flailing against the Pirates and Nats and we're dominating against solid teams on the road.

    Tough stretch against the Mets, then AL East over the next few weeks. Phils need to start winning at home and I still believe they can have a double-digit lead by the All-Star break. It all starts with at least 2-of-3 from the Mets.

    Tiger was nasty on Sunday. I love it that he doesn't even care that he won all that much because he just acts like it's another practice round for the open. His chip-in from the rough to Eagles the 1th and his 7-iron from 183 yds. on 18 to get within 14 inches were damn near impossible.

    Also, he went straight to Bethpage this morning and is playing a practice round. I don't think there is any chance that he loses this round.

    We could see a tournament reminiscent of the 1997 Masters in two weeks.

  3. Stan Van Gundy's substitution pattern was suspect at best. Reddick was on the floor for way too long. His 3 was quickly erased by bad turnovers/decisions. Duke sissy. Also, SVG went through too many long stretches with no point guard on the floor. Rafer Alston is awful, and I know Jameer is rusty, but you can't ask Turkoglu to bring up the ball, run clock, and then get a good shot for himself or someone else. Also, Dwight Howard's lack of offensive game has been glaring these first two games. Apparently, a low-post go-to move is his kryptonite.
    Did anyone else think the Dodgers were celebrating way too much in their wins over the Phils? That's okay, we'll let them celebrate regular season wins in June and we'll dispose of them again when it counts if need be.
    Also, I took a double-take when I saw Dick Stockton doing the Phils game on Sat. on Fox. The guy is insufferable, and there's no escaping him. NFL on Fox, NBA on TNT, and now this. Good grief. Made me yearn for Joe Buck....not really. I would comment on Joe Morgan, but I'm too tired for a 1500 word, expletive-filled rant.