Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Flyers, Pronger Agree on 7 Year Extension

Chris Pronger and the Philadelphia Flyers agree on a 7 year, $34.9 million contract extension, only a couple of weeks after they acquired the 34 year old veteran. Pronger will earn $6.25 million next year,$7.6 million the next two and a whole lot more after that.

Pronger had 11 goals and 37 assists last year with Anaheim and will look to help the Flyers compete with the Penguins (among others). 7 year deal to a 34 year old? These hockey guys are nuts. I could have sworn the Flyers were up against the Cap. I hope Homer knows what he is doing..Lets hope Pronger can let Philly drink from the cup.

1 comment:

  1. Why are hockey contracts so long? Last week Hossa was signed until he is 44 yrs. old and now this.

    Is it guaranteed money?

    I'm hearing great things about Pronger, but I think losing Lupel, Knuble & Upshaw hurts more.

    Giroux and Briere (if he can stay healthy) can replace some of those goals.

    P.S. That's the closest I can get to a hockey discussion because I really don't know much...go easy on me.