Monday, July 13, 2009

Home Run Derby

The All-Star game returns to St. Louis for the first time since 1966. St. Lous Cardinal, Albert Pujols and St. Louis native, Ryan Howard are the favorites to win. Defending Champ Justin Morneau, and the guy who everybody thinks won last year, Josh Hamilton are not participating. The 4 NL 1B men are the top 4 favorites, as the 4 AL players are first timers, as is Adrian Gonzalez. Busch Stadium plays fair to lefthanded and righthanded hitters. The dimensions: 336 feet to left, 335 to right, 390 to both power alleys and 400 to center.

Anyway, here are the participants and the odds. Let get some predictions in, you gambling junkies!

Albert Pujols (2-1) Reached the Semi Final in '07 and lost in Finals in '03.
Ryan Howard (5-2) Won '06, lost in first rd in '07
Prince Fielder (7-2) Lost 1st rd in '07
Adrian Gonzalez (5-1) First Derby
Carlos Pena (6-1) First Derby
Joe Mauer (6-1) First Derby
Nelson Cruz (8-1) First Derby
Brandon Inge (10-1) First Derby


  1. I am going to take Adrian Gonzalez over Albert Pujols in the Finals.

    Pujols and Howard would be the most fun to see though.

  2. Howard wins by double digits...

  3. Give me Howard over Nelson Cruz. Howard crushes him in the Finals.

  4. Howard hits the sh!t out of the ball in St. Louis, and so does Fat Albert. I am gonna say those two in the finals with Albert coming out on top.