Friday, July 24, 2009

J - Rollin'

The Phils just beat up on the Padres last night to extend their lead in the NL East to 6.5 games. They have now won 15 of their last 17 and are one of the hottest teams in baseball. Cole pitched good enough to win, but he seems to have that one inning that slows him down. Pedro Feliz and Jayson Werth continue to stay hot combining for a 6-10 night. Feliz is such a different player this year now that his back is healthy again. The double play turned between Chase and Pedro last night was rare, but it was actually a great baseball play. Even Choochie joined in on the fun by hitting a home run. The Phils are clicking on all cylinders right now. I know there are some dirty wudders followers out there that have disagreed in the past about this, but there is one major reason that the Phillies are 15-2 in their last 17 games.

Yes that is right Jimmy Rollins is the biggest part to this recent Phillies domination. Since July 3rd Rollins is 21-54 (.380), with 12 extra base hits, an OBP of .484, and scored 13 runs. He has raised his batting average 31 points in this stretch and he is starting to steal more bases. When Rollins goes the whole team goes, thats why he is our lead off guy. Could you imagine having him buried down in the 8 hole now? Just when the old schoolers out there are ready to give up on him, he totally redeems himself. Most of us knew that he would eventually break out, and boy did he in a huge way. Having him and Victo at the top of the order getting on base is nothing but a nightmare to NL pitching. The Phils are streaking right now and lets hope that they continue to dominate. The Phils head into the weekend series against the slumping Cards. Lets take three from them and be done with it before Matt Holliday arrives in St. Louis.

See You in Section 202 on Sunday.


  1. Rollins is part of it, but THE major reason that we've won this much is our starting pitching.

    If Moyer/Blanton/Hamels/etc didn't start dominating it wouldn't matter what Rollins was doing.

    It is great to see him turn it around though. He just adds to our already incredible lineup. Wouldn't it have been great it he did this earlier in the season? He would've been a lock for the starting SS position in the All-Star game and we would've had our entire outfield, plus our SS, 2B & 1B playing. Yeah, we're pretty good!

    Sporting News Today has a pretty good debate on whether the Dodgers or the Phillies are the best team in the NL.

  2. Hamels and Moyer have not dominated in the least bit. They are giving the Phils' offense a chance to win games, but not dominating. Blanton has been pitching really well lately, but Rollins is the main reason that the Phils have gone 15-2 in their last 17.

  3. How come when you two talk about starting pitching - Happ's name is never brought up?

    As Rollins' goes, the Phillies go. When Rollins plays like this, the Phils are the best team in baseball. The problem with him has been that he isn't very consistent.

  4. Thats true Happ should definitely be involved in this conversation. He has pitched way better than what Myers did for us last year. He deserves a lot of credit.

    Rollins hasn't been very consistent thus far, but it looks like he has turned the corner. He has been producing again and hitting the ball in the gaps. He just looks a lot more comfortable at the dish and he is driving the ball instead of trying to hit a home run everytime.