Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Jim Johnson: 1941-2009

Eagles longtime defensive coordinator Jim Johnson passed away this afternoon after a six-month battle with cancer. Over the last decade Johnson led an Eagles defense that was feared by opponents and beloved by the fans. He was responsible for a defense that hovered around the top of the league in all defensive categories, and his blitz schemes became famous around the league for driving offensive coordinators crazy. He brought a new attitude to the Birds D and changed the way the game was played. It is obvious from hearing former and current players speak about Johnson that he was loved by his players - not only for being a great coach, but for being a great man. We lost a great one today, Philly. You will be missed, Jim.


  1. RIP Jim Johnson

    He was as much of a reason for the Eagles success as anybody else over the last decade. Birds always had a good D.

  2. He's one of the only coaches in Philadelphia history (at least my lifetime) that everyone loved. Most coaches go through stages of their career where they're a villain but JJ was always a fan favorite.

    Any Philadelphia coaching comparisons to with popularity? Dick Vermeil? Mo Cheeks (probably wasn't a good enough coach)?