Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Miller "probably" headed to Portland.

The New York Daily News is reporting that Andre Miller is probably headed to Portland in a sign and trade, with the Sixers recieving Steve Blake. Nothing has been confired at this point.

On the surface, this looks like a pretty bad deal for the 76ers but Blake will be heading into the last year of his contract. The Sixers are clearly not winning anything this year so I would be fine with it.


  1. Are the sixers aiming to make a big splash in the 2010 Free Agent Pool? If we can somehow dump Dalembert's contract, we'd have a ton a money freed up and could get Chris Bosh.

    1 - Holiday
    2 - Iguadala
    3 - Young
    4 - Brand
    5 - Bosh

    I still want the Sixers to go after Lloyd Christmas from Temple to come in solely to shoot the 3-ball.

  2. I know that Bosh is more of a power forward, but he can match any center in the east not named Dwight Howard.

  3. You could probably switch Brand and Bosh against some of the less athletic big men.

    I still think they have to trade either Young or Igoudala for a shooting, shooting guard. Yes I meant that how a wrote that.

    Thad Young would have been the perfect player to play with Iverson, years back. He gets all of his points on plays set for other players.

    Sixers have every chance to sign Christmas since he is playing summerball for them.