Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Morning After

Phils 3 Reds 2: Shane Victorino is really making a push to get voted into the All-Star game this year, helping his case by hitting a walk of single in the top of the 9th last night to take down the Reds 3-2. Rodrigo Lopez left the game after 5 strong innings with shoulder inflammation and Ryan Madsen threw two scoreless innings to earn the win. Jayson Werth homered for what feels like the 10th time this week, and Ryan Howard added an RBI single. No word on who will replace Lopez in the rotation if this injury keeps him out. The Phils start a three-game series against the Pirates tomorrow.

Rangers 8 Angels 1: Andruw Jones – yes, that Andruw Jones – homered in his first three at-bats last night in the Rangers 8-1 victory. It's the second career three-homer game for Jones, who last did it September against – guess who – your Philadelphia Phillies.

Nike / LeBron: Listen to this pathetic story: LeBron James was playing in a pickup game with Xavier’s Jordan Crawford at his summer camp in Akron, OH. During the game Crawford is said to have dunked on James, obviously damaging James’ reputation beyond repair and possibly ruining his career. With that in mind, representatives from Nike confiscated videotapes from two journalists taping the event and went on to make up some excuse as to why they took the tapes. Wasn’t Nike’s ad campaign, “We are all witnesses” – I guess not. LeBron had no comment.

Mets 5 Dodgers 4: Sec202’s boy Ollie Perez returned from the DL last night and continued to look like the wild loser we all know and love. He walked a season-high seven in five innings, then left for a pinch hitter with a 5-2 lead. The Mets won, Manny homered – big deal. The recap I read of this game was 90% Manny coverage, 10% Mets/game coverage. It’s pathetic.


  1. Rumor has it that Pablo Sandoval has his entire country voting for him so he may run away with the voting. However, Beltran was voted in and won't be able to play due to injury so Victo will probably be an injury replacement.

    I heard the LeBron story and that is pathetic. LeBron's PR team is struggling recently after being perfect for the first 4-5 years of his career. You would think that the marketing people at Nike would love to see someone named Jordan dunking over LeBron. Maybe they stole the tapes so they could make a commercial...Doubt it!

  2. I think it is more embarrassing that they took the tapes than it would have been to have it out on youtube.

    I agree that (my boy) Pablo and Victo will both make it. They are the best fits as extra players too. Victo can pinch run and steal a base while playing any of the outfield positions and the kung fu panda can play 1st, 3rd or catch for Chalie.