Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Top 100 Full of Phils

Did anyone check out Joe Posnanski’s list of his Top 100 players in baseball right now? Did anyone check out the SIX Phillies position players on the list? The only position players not making the cut were Chooch Ruiz and Pedro Feliz - just another testament to the greatness that has become World F’n Champions.  Now I realize Posnanski’s opinion doesn’t mean much to most people, but the fact that he can recognize 1 thru 6 in the Fightin’s lineup as being six of the best in the game is a pretty nice compliment.  Now it’s time to bitch… 


Where is Hamels!?  I know he’s having an up and down year in ’09, but I refuse to believe that a GM would take Jarrod Washburn (and others on the list) over Cole Hamels!  To follow Posnanski’s logic for the selection process, the idea is that you are a GM in an expansion draft with a full player pool, all injury-free.  There is no way in hell I’m taking 34-year-old Jarrod Washburn over 25-year-old World Series MVP Cole Hamels if there was a draft tomorrow.  I realize Washburn is currently having the better season of the two, but I’ll take Hamels head-to-head all day if my team needs a win.  Did I mention he was the World Series MVP last year? That’s at least worth a mention in the Top 100. 


Anyway, here is where the six Phils figured into the list: Utley (5), Ibanez (26), Howard (32), Werth (67), Victorino (82), Rollins (83).  It’s a great time to be a Phillies fan.   




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  1. Here is his reasoning for Washburn - this year: still disagree...

    So the way I tried to think of it was this: Imagine the season was starting again tomorrow and every player was thrown into an expansion draft. You are a general manager. Your owner asks you to give him your dream list, the 100 best players in the game, but the key is you have to win THIS YEAR or you will be fired, and then you will be tarred and feathered, and then you will be forced to spend 10 hours a day for two solid months listening to Steve Phillips tell you how to run a baseball team.

    I think Howard is a little low. Pablo Sandoval(25) is hitting the snot out of the ball but I don't think he should be higher than Howard (32). He's not penalizing Sizemore for having a bad season so I wouldn't penalize Howard for having a down (for him) season.