Saturday, August 1, 2009


Last night we watched why Clifford Lee was the Cy Young winner last year. This guy was dominant. I know it was only his first start as a Phil, and that it was against a terrible hitting team in the Giants, but he looked really good. He had 3 great pitches that were working last night in his change up fastball and curve. Did anyone see him warming up off the back of the mound too? I thought that was a little different, and he sprints off the field. Oh an he was 2-4 withs a double. All in all this was a great pick up for the Phils and the Dodgers have to be kicking themselves in the ass right now that they didn't acquire him at the deadline.

Last night was great. Cliff Lee had a no hitter into the 6th until Doc jinxed him when he texted me asking how he was doing. In case you didn't know Doc was in Camden Yards taking in a Orioles Red Sox game. He was actually scouting the Sox for when we play them in the Series this year now that they got Victor Martinez. Here at Dirty Wudders we are constantly working on breaking news for the people. Anyway back to my boy Clifford. Why would Charlie keep him in for the 9th? He was at exactly 100 pitches after the 8th and he had to get out of a little jam that inning after giving up a lead off double. He has pitched 3 complete games in his last 4 outings now. We need to save that arm for when it really matters. There was no need for him to go back out there. The Phils are not in a situation where Cliff Lee is a rental player, like C.C. Sabathia last year. Let this guy make the transition into the NL and don't over use him. We need this guy if we want to repeat.


  1. Camden Yards is sweet - its been a couple of years since I was there..Boston is tough, especially with Victor Martinez. They are much tougher if he catches for Varitek instead of playing first.

  2. I don't see a problem with Lee pitching the ninth. This time of year, giving the 'pen a day off is huge. The Phils can give Lee an extra day of rest this week, with Monday's off day and their excess of SP's right now.