Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Enough Already With the Losing

Rockies 8 Phils 3: Jamie Moyer sucks. I’m done with him. He had a good run with the Phillies, but his time is up. His story is one of the greatest ever, coming back to his hometown as an old-timer to help his team win the World Series – that’s classic. That was last year though. He may have been able to do it with smoke and mirrors last season, but those old tricks don’t seem to be cutting it anymore. It will be a goddamn shame if they take Happ out of the rotation and keep Moyer in it. Happ deserves to be a starter on this team; Moyer deserves a spot in the dugout. Ok, I’m done bitching….on to last night’s game:

Moyer was terrible. He gave up 6 ER in 5.0 innings, walking 4 and striking out 3. On the other hand, the Rockies Jason Hammel was on point, 3 ER in 6.2 IP with 6 K’s. The struggling Garret Atkins got the Rockies going with a 2-run shot down the left field line in the 2nd to put the Rockies up 2-0, he finished the game with 4 RBI’s. On the Phillies side, Jimmy Rollins continues to turn his season around. He was 2-5 with a 2-run HR in the 5th , raising his average to .241 on the year and extending his current hitting streak to 10 games. Not much else to talk about from a Phillies fan standpoint. They have been struggling lately and its starting to piss me off. The good news is they’re still five games up on the Marlins.


  1. Yeah Moyer now has the second worst ERA out of any starter in the NL. I think the worst is just reserved for Adam Eaton...whether he's playing or not.

    I don't think last year was smoke and mirrors for Moyer - he had a legitimate ERA and led the team in wins. This year, he is out of gas.
    They should hang on to him as an overpriced asst pitching coach.

    Rodrigo looked awful out of the 'pen too. They need to start beating these potential playoff opponents.

  2. We are talking about a guy leading the team in wins, right?

    He's not as good as he was last year, but I'd rather have him on the mound come playoff time than Pedro or Rodrigo Lopez.

    You need a four-man rotation in the playoffs and it can be Hamels, Lee, Blanton as your top three. Then you can have your 4th starter be Moyer on a short leash with Happ waiting. That way, you can use Happ out of the bullpen in game 1 & 2, and have him available for long relief in game 4, and if necessary out of the bullpen in game 5.

  3. He is dangerously coming close to Eaton's '07. That year Eaton won 10 games but had a 6.29 ERA. This year Moyer won 10 games with a 5.55 ERA.

    A team that wants to win a World Series should not have a starting pitcher with a short leash...not in the playoffs.

  4. He'll probably come out and throw 7 scoreless against the Marlins on Sunday.

  5. I say keep him on a short leash because you can normally tell with Moyer with the first 10-15 pitches whether he has it or not and whether he's getting the calls.

  6. He struck Fowler out looking to start the game and retired the side in order in the 1st. Not so good after that..