Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Last Night

The Phils luckily held on last night to win their 4th game since Cliff Lee has arrived. It wasn't pretty though. Harden had a perfect game going into the 7th and Lidge blew his major league leading 7th save of the year. The Phils had a total of 3 measly hits with two of them being home runs. I guess when you are playing the way they are right now, a win is a win right? The Phils need to get their offense back on track, and I know they will eventually come around. Lidge is what scares me. You need someone at the back end of the bull pen to shut it down in close games if you want to go anywhere in the playoffs. How do you go from perfect to shit in one year. How long do you go to him before you realize that it is too late?

I am glad that the Phils got it done last night. That is a big win on the road in Chicago to kick of their road trip. Rollins looked real good blasting a home run off of Harden, and Francisco hit his second homer as a Phil. Utley is still struggling though, and it seems like this offense cannot click all at the same time. One thing that was clicking last night was Sarge's rendition of "Take Me Out to The Ball Game" in the seventh with his grandson.

Ok enough with the game, it was an ugly win. There is one thing that I want to talk about that really bothered me when I was watching the game last night. Wheels. Is this guy the Phillies announcer, or the Cubs announcer? Each game that goes by he gets more and more annoying. I know that you cannot be a complete homer when calling the Phils games, but come on Wheels what is your deal? In the last inning last night it sounded like he wanted the Cubs to win. Jake Fox was up with one out in the last inning, and Durbin walked him on four pitches that weren't even close. Wheels says, "that was an impressive at bat for a rookie". He walked on four pitches! How is that impressive? I mean Namesake could have stood up there and have taken those pitches. Its those types of comments that are just so annoying. Two batters later Soriano comes up and Wheels goes, "Now this guy you do not want to come in on". The first pitch he came in on him and blew it by him for a strike. Its a shame that H.K. passed cause he was the one that kept Wheels' mouth shut during the games. L.A. should be the one calling the games and Wheels should move to the radio.

P.S. Did anyone see Milton Bradley try to pimp that ball that he hit in the late innings? He flipped his bat and started walking down the line like it was out of here. Meanwhile Victo stood there on the track camped underneath it. If I was Pedro I would drill Bradley tonight for doing that. That is Bush League. If you are gonna do that make sure that you got all of it and that it is definitely a home run.


  1. He said the same thing when Howard walked on 4 pitches with the bases loaded. He was making Soriano out to be Willie Mays. But I think Wheels is the ultimate homer.

    Franzke and L.A. are good on the radio. In a year or two HK's kid will be the new voice of the Phils on TV.

  2. It was actually impressive that Howard walked cause he swings at everything. L.A. is the ultimate homer. Wheels is just a wanna be Harry that cannot survive in the booth without him.

    I agree that Franzke and L.A. are good together on the radio. I dont see Todd Kalas being the voice of the Phils in a few years though

  3. That is the best picture ever.

    "Ball 4" on Howard was a definite strike. Does anyone else agree?

    I'm convinced that the term "Voice of the Phils" should be retired along with Harry Kallas. Someone can be the TV Announcer, but no one can be the voice.

    The announcer will most likely continue to be Tom "Oppo Boppo" McCarthy because although he's annoying, the Phils believe that the only reason people aren't accepting him is because he's not HK. He'll be fine in a few years.

  4. Milton Bradley--once an asswipe, always an asswipe. I don't know how he and Pinella haven't fought to the death yet.

    Great picture! I don't know, it just seems that ever since HK passed, Wheels has been unleashed to be even more annoying. And he and McCarthy together are often intolerable. If I hear one more time "what a great atmosphere" CBP is, I'm gonna vomit. Quit stating the obvious.
    Gimme L.A. and Franzke anyday. Maybe it's because he's on radio, but L.A. (gasp) actually criticizes Phillies players when it's called for every now and then--while fighting off 10,000 volts from Dave Montgomery.

  5. Good game Pedro, better game offense. Lets go for the sweep tomorrow. Live daygame blog.. anybody in? F' work.

    I don't think the Phillies think McCarthy as the long term answer. I don't hate McCarthy but he's just another guy - I actually liked Scott Graham (slam) better with his signature- "lets put this one in the win column for the fightin phils". Ok maybe its just because I havent heard it in a while.

    I see no reason why Todd Kalas is not the TV voice in the near future. Not many other options. The stars aligned last year with (yo)Harr calling a WS win against his son in his last full year. The next step is for the son to follow in his dad's footsteps. Nobody watches Tampa's games..