Thursday, August 27, 2009

"Lights Out" For Lidge

Ruben Amaro appears to be hinting at the fact that the Phils may not be sticking with Brad Lidge down the stretch. Ruben Amaro told Jason Stark today "We believe in Brad Lidge as a World Championship closer. But when push comes to shove with a pennant on the line, it's our job to win games. And if we feel like there is a better alternative, that's a decision Charlie has to make." There you have it. Coming from the GM himself. This is entirely Charlie's decision now. I know that he is very loyal to his players, but I think that he will make the right decision and hopefully get someone else in there. One thing that I hope the Phils do not do is count on Myers.

Lidge's time as the closer is running out. The Phils have come out and said that nothing is definite, but I think that they are starting to realize that if he hasn't turned it around by now, then its not looking like he will in the near future. The Elias Sports Bureau puts out something called the Elias Impact Rating. This measures the effect a player has on his team's chances of winning. This is based on a per plate appearance basis. Out of the 1,180 players that were measured in all of baseball, guess who came in a distant last behind Todd Wellemeyer? If you guessed Brad Lidge, then you are correct. That's right Brad Lidge is the single worst player in baseball according to the Elias Sports Bureau. What else can you say now? Find someone else that can get the job done.


  1. Hoffman was claimed by an unknown team according to Foxsports. It is still unlikely a deal is made though

  2. The Giants claimed Hoffman and now have to strike a deal.