Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More Injuries for the Mets

As of yesterday, Johan Santana and Jeff Francour became most recent additions to the LONG list of Mets spending time in the training room this season.  Santana was scratched from his scheduled start tonight with elbow discomfort, and Jeff Francour has a torn ligament in his left thumb.  Francour’s injury is to his non-throwing hand and he is day-to-day. Santana will see a doctor to determine the severity of his ailment - the word surgery has been thrown around in his case, though.  Not that it will really affect the Muts this year, but if Santana were to have elbow surgery who knows what the implications would be down the line.  They’re already thin at SP -  this would not help.   

Damn. Could it get any worse for the Mets? Could this string of injuries happen to a more deserving team? Could this make me any happier?  The answer in each case: No, it could not.  F the Mets. 



  1. Santana is out for the year. He will have surgery on his left elbow to remove bone chips.

    I dont care about injuries, every team in baseball has to deal with them. It just shows that the Mets are a bunch of out of shape, old washed up ass holes. So Minaya and Jerry Manuel you can stop feeling sorry for yourself because of all the injuries you have. You have built a team that is a bunch of p words that did not prepare for a long season. While Chase Utley and Ryan Howard were working their balls off to get better, Reyes and Beltran were beating each other off.

  2. this marks the end for the mets! next year they won't improve because their minor league prospects suck and any potential good ones were traded for santana.

    The guys they got have not been able to cut it for the last couple of years and the injuries are a sign of aging and laziness for their supposed superstars.