Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Phi-Lee's

Cliff Lee once again proved that he was the best pick up at the deadline this year. Another complete game in the books, and has now pitched two of them since the Phils acquired him. If Hamels can get back on track there is not a better 1-2 punch in all of baseball. Lee has proven that if he is on a good team, he will win games for your ball club. Looking on it now I am not so sure that Halladay could bring to the Phils what Lee has. Since the deadline Halladay has gotten hit around a little bit, and Lee has been unhittable.

With the Marlins losing last night the Phils gained another game on them. Howard hit another home run which makes 5 in 6 games. He is heating up at the right time. The Phils have now won 7 of 8, and will go for the sweep at home tonight. Next stop is Citi Field where they will take on them "Amazin Mets". I think that whole team should take a gender test cause they are all clearly birdless. Blanton is on the bump tonight, and hopefully he can continue to pitch well. The weekend we will see Hamels, Happ, and Pedro.

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