Thursday, August 13, 2009


The Phils looked like the team that they are supposed to be last night. It was good to see Utley and Ibanez contribute. Pedro pitched five effective innings as was expected out of him. At certain points he was touching 93mph. That is a good sign that he is 100% healthy, for the time being at least. The Phils are starting to show again that they are the class of the NL. Today they will go for the sweep in Chicago with Lee on the hill this afternoon. There will be live up to the minute posts throughout the game. Make sure that you check it out.

I want to discuss the situation that happened in center field last night with Victo. He goes to catch a fly ball, and as it is about to land in his glove some piece of shit Cubs fan throws a beer on him. Now if this was to happen in Philadelphia it would be all over the news throughout the country. I think that people and the media feel that because Cubs haven't won in 100 years they are allowed to do whatever they want. This is Bush League at its finest. This is an embarassment to the city and to the team. Now dont get me wrong us Philly fans aren't exactly angels. It seems like our antics go national though, and these losers, cause that is exactly what they are in Chicago, will do something like this and it will be talked about for one day and then never come up again. I was reading that the punk blamed Bartman for what he did. Are you kidding me? I mean you Cubs fans really are the worst. You blame everything else but your shitty players and front office for your losing ways. How about this, you lost to the Marlins not because of Bartman, but because you stink! As fans, as players, and as an organization. I was hoping that Victo would have jumped up in the bleachers and stuffed a pillow case full of bars of soap, and beat the shit out of that kid.

On another note did you see that fat panda in San Fran yesterday get all upset because someone pitched him inside? The ball didn't even come close to hitting him.


  1. Pillow case full of bars of soap?

    Pedro pitched well but it is alarming that he continued his trend of pitching well for 4-5 innings before a rough one. I feel like he was pretty lucky last night but he did his job. Hopefully he gets better.

    I can't kill the fans for one drunk being an assho;e but that little bitch shouldnt be allowed back to the bleachers.

  2. "4-5 innings before a rough one"...Doesn't that sound familiar? Like Chan Ho Park at the beginning of the season?

    I think Pedro would be nasty out of the bullpen.

    It was great to see the offense explode last night, but we're still only scoring via HR. We need to hit with runners in scoring position.

  3. yea that is from Step Brothers the movie

    Pedro did get lucky. That is all he is at this age but he was pretty effective for the most part. I mean it was only his first outing so it is hard to judge how he did. I think that we will have a better idea in a month on how good or bad he is.

    Cubs fans in general are d!cks

  4. Thats how the Phils get it done Spider. They live and die by the long ball. Remember the World Series last year? They were awful with RISP but they still won the WS

  5. I like Pedro out of the pen because I think ultimately, that is where he is going to be used in the playoffs if he is on the roster. Decent outing though.

    True - they are stil struggling with RISP. Thats going to happen when Utley/Howard and Ibanez all decide to get cold at the same time.

  6. That dude was a wigger douchbag, but his accuracy was unbelieveable. I bet he couldn't do that again if he tried.

    Good call with the soap bars.