Thursday, August 6, 2009

Rockies at Phils at 1:05

Cliff Lee gets the ball for his second start, in the rubber match with the Colorado Rockies. He will be opposed by Colorado righty Aaron Cook. Cook is 10-3 with a 3.88 ERA. Cook has not lost since June 1st - 7-0 since June 1. The Phillies are 28-26 at home (15-4 in last 19) and the Rockies are 32-27 away from Coors. Starting Lineups after the jump.

D. Fowler cf .257
S. Smith lf .291
T. Helton 1b .314
T. Tulowitzki ss .267
G. Atkins 3b .231
R. Spilborghs rf .247
C. Iannetta c .232
C. Barmes 2b .247
A. Cook p .128

J. Rollins ss .240
S. Victorino cf .316
C. Utley 2b .299
R. Howard 1b .261
R. Ibanez lf .303
J. Werth rf .270
P. Feliz 3b.289
P. Bako c .167
C. Lee p .500

Live updates are encouraged from those able to watch or follow the game.

Go Phils!


  1. TRIVIA: Cliff Lee is the first Phillie to throw a CG in his first start on the team since 1998. Name the last guy.

  2. 1-0 Colorado. 2 hits and a Sac Fly in the top of the 1st

  3. both leadoff hitters start the game with doubles

  4. 1-1 on an Utley sac fly. Rollins’ hitting streak at 12.

  5. 4 k's in first 7 outs for Lee

  6. Doc's boy Paul Bako homered.
    Rollins follows it up with a Triple. He is a homerun away from the cycle.
    Lee-5IP 7K's 1ER.
    3-1 Phils

  7. Trivia Question Hint: The last guy to throw a CG in his first start, also threw a CG in his second start for the phils.

  8. Cook's line: 5 IP, 3 R, on the hook for the L

  9. Anybody know how Cliff Lee got an error?

  10. Joe Roa..

    ..Just Kidding (I hope)

  11. TRIVIA QUESTION #2: Happ is the 4th rookie in Phillies history to throw 2 shutouts in a season. Name 2 of the other 3.

    1 was in the 70's and 2 were in the 90's.

  12. Lee's line: 7 IP, 6 h, 1 ER. 2 runs in 16 innings so far. 1.12 ERA

  13. One would obviously be Paul Byrd.

  14. No - not byrd.

    the first question was CG's - this one is shutouts

  15. This is a long shot but Schilling and Tyler Green

  16. Lidge looked solid in the 9th..Big win for the Phils!

    Lee's not a bad pitcher, is he?

  17. 1975 and 1990 are the 2 years it happened.

  18. oh I didnt read about it being in the 90's.
    So Green and Tekulve?

  19. Is Tommy Greene the other in the 90s?

    I'm not sure if he started his career with the Phils.

  20. Tom Underwood in 1975 - the other was in 1990

  21. Pat Combs (1990) is the answer