Monday, September 21, 2009


Now that we know the Eagles are not as good as they looked against Carolina, I sure hope that the Eagles aren't this bad. The Lions lost to New Orleans 45-27 on the opening weekend of the NFL Season. Week 2 the Eagles lost to them 48-22, ouch. Disgusting performance by the Special Teams, terrible performance by the Defense and at best, a goofy performance by the Offense.

Kevin Kolb had decent numbers in his debut. It is tough to tell how he really did because of how the game turned out. A beautiful pass to Jackson for a score on the first possession opened some eyes but a couple of badly thrown balls closed them. Better than expected dubut though, in my eyes. The Eagles mostly ran their version of a high school offense and now DeSean Jackson and Westbrook join McRib on the banged up report. Drew Brees on the otherhand torched the birds D without breaking a sweat. It appears that the Eagles will not play against Jake Delhomme every week.

It was an entertaining first half of football. Brees was marching the Saints up and down the field and Kolb was doing his best to match. Then DeSean Jackson picked up a punt inside the 5 yard line and turned it into a decent gain. Problem is that when he picked the ball up, everybody else on the return team decided to block a Saint in the back. What? That's a penalty? On third down Kolb threw behind his receiver and 3 plays later the Saints scored. Only a couple of plays into the second half, the Saints had scored two touchdowns and the game was basically over except for a bunch of underneath passing yards for the Eagles.

Thoughts: Uh oh, Sav Rocca is usually good in September and gets worse when it is windy and cold. Maybe it was just a bad game but the Eagles '08 true fullback was better than Leonard Weaver yesterday. Oh, they didn't have a true FB last year, yeah Weaver was still worse. If Curtis is hurt, get him off the field until he's not anymore. Avant is a good receiver. Celek is a little bit Chad Lewis and a little bit Mark Bavaro. It may be too early for a "must win" but the Eagles cannot afford to lose to K.C. because the Chiefs stink.

Go Phils


  1. It seemed like as soon as Ellis Hobbs fumbled that kickoff the game was over. It was a good game up to that point, but the Eagles never seemed to recover after the turnover.

  2. Kevin Kolb is terrible. He is at best a 3rd string quarterback. I hope he doesn't start next week. We all knew that the Saints were going to put up points, but you cannot turn the ball over like that and give them more opportunities to score