Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Power Rankings

The Dodgers picked up Jim Thome and Jon Garland at the midnight deadline this morning. The Rockies also added Jose Contreras, and the Giants have added pitcher Brad Penny. It seems like no one is content with their players in the NL West. The division is up for grabs, as is the wildcard. With the Rockies and Giants tied for the wildcard, they are only 5.5 games out of first. Are these moves big enough moves to get you to the next level? Here are my version of the Power Rankings in the MLB:

1. New York Yankees - The best record in baseball and have really turned it on since the All-Star Break.

2. Philadelphia Phillies - If Cole Hamels can get his act together this team may be unbeatable in the playoffs.

3. Anaheim Angels - The best mixture of power, speed, and average. Oh and they just picked up Scott Kazmir off of waivers.

4. Boston Red Sox - They have the experienced veterans that know how to win down the stretch with a much needed pickup in Victor Martinez

5. Texas Rangers - The Rangers are a young team with surprise pitching talent. Although they will not make it this year, Nolan Ryan will develop this team into a playoff contender.

6. St. Louis Cardinals - Albert Pujols, Matt Holliday, Adam Wainright, and Chris Carpenter. Need I say more?

7. L.A. Dodgers - With the added bat of Thome to go along with an already good offense they will win the NL West.

8. Colorado Rockies - A young team with good young pitching. They beat out the Giants for the wildcard.

9. Tampa Bay Rays - Not good enough to follow up what they did last year, and Price has not lived up to expectations.

10. San Francisco Giants - Their lack of offense will haunt them in the end and lose to the Rockies in the wildcard race

11. Atlanta Braves - One of the better pitching staffs, as a whole, in the NL. They can be dangerous in years to come

12. Minnesota Twins - Joe Mauer wins AL MVP and leads his team to win the AL Central.

13. Florida Marlins - The fish are gping to fall apart down the stretch, like they do every year

14. Detroit Tigers - Their pitching fails them in the race against the Twins for the division

15. Seattle Mariners - Despite Beltre and Ichiro being injured for some time, the Mariners have managed to stay above .500

16. Chicago White Sox - Lack of pitching and hitting. Buehrle has not won a game since he pitched his perfect game.

17. Chicago Cubs - Lots of injuries and a terrible supporting cast lead to the Cubs not making the playoffs. Soriano is old and Zambrano is a cancer.

18. Milwaukee Brewers - No pitching at all.

19. Houston Astros - Berkman and Oswalt have had a down year, and Ed Wade does not have the right pieces right now to win

20. New York Mets - I love this. You STINK!

21. Toronto Blue Jays - After Ricciardi dropped the ball on dealing Halladay, they ended up getting rid of Rolen and Rios. No one knows what direction this team is headed in

22. Arizona Diamondbacks - Their season was over once Brandon Webb went down in the beginning of the year.

23. Cincinnati Reds - Their two top pitchers in Cueto and Volquez have been hurt for almost the whole year, but lets be honest they are the Reds.

24. Cleveland Indians - What can I say other than THANK YOU!

25. San Diego Padres - They have had a tough year and are in the rebuilding process.

26. Oakland A's - Also rebuilding and ex Phillie, a.k.a. Doc's boy, Gio Gonzalez is having a decent year.

27. Pittsburgh Pirates - They trade all of their good players away so don't be surprised if McCuthen is moved in the off season.

28. Baltimore Orioles - Is this team ever going to turn it around?

29. Kansas City Royals - I wanted to bet money on them in Vegas that they would win the Central this year. Thank God I didn't piss that money away.

30. Washington Nationals - Who did you think would be last?


  1. When was the last time Thome played 1st base? In Philly? Hasn't he played DH for the last couple years? Can he play 1st base every day?

  2. Without looking at standings - right now I would move St Louis to 4 and Boston to 5 and LA Dodgers to 6 with Texas 7.

    I also like SanFran over Tampa.