Friday, September 4, 2009

Who's Who?

The Phils beat Lincecum and the Giants last night by the score of 2-1, and took the series from them. They have increased their lead in the NL East to 8.5 games, and barring a Mets/my fantasy baseball team/ collapse the Phils will win the division. Pedro dominated the Giants offense last night striking out 9 and pitching 7 innings. Jason Werth hit a ball off of Lincecum that still has not landed yet, that was only the 9th time all year that Lincecum has given up a home run. Howard followed that up with what would eventually be the game winning RBI double. Lidge surprisingly came in and got his third consecutive save. It wasn't pretty, but he still got the job done. All around it was a great effort last night beating the best pitcher in the NL.

Pedro came out last night and looked the best he has in 3 years. He mixed his change up in really well, which made his fastball look that much faster to hitters. With the exception of the lead off home run, he shut down the Giants all night. I mean the Giants offense blows, but when you are facing Lincecum you cannot give up too many runs. He did exactly what a veteran 2 time Cy Young winner should do in that situation last night. He kept the ball down and let the Giant hitters chase balls out of the strike zone. This was a huge win for the Phils before they hit the road to take on the Astros. Not only does it give them some confidence after beating Lincecum, but it keeps the Giants out of the wild card for now. I would much rather see the Rockies at this point.

I know Tim Lincecum is one of the best pitchers in baseball, but honestly he needs to do something with his whole look. Who wants to look like Mitch from "Dazed and Confused". I know Moose will stick up for him cause he blows Lincecum, but he looks like a DOUCHE. That's right Namesake, a douche.


  1. Another series win against a potential playoff opponent. The pitchers really stepped it up against San Fran.

    Phils need to get Raul going.

  2. Lidge looked good last night AGAIN! The single he let up was weak and all of his sliders were mkaing the swing happy Giants look stupid.

    He finally has some pressure on him (Myers) and he's responding. Keep Myers in the 'Pen for the save situations after Lidge has pitched the night before.

    Winning two out of three games in a series where you score a TOTAL of three runs? How should I feel about that?

    Wow! Lincecum REALLY does look like the kid from Dazed and Confused...Great call!

  3. Hopefully this is a sign that Lidge has finally turned the corner. The only thing is everytime he puts together a couple of good outings we say this, and then he blows it. Hopefully he is for real this time.

    taking 2 out of 3 with only scoring a total of 3 runs doesn't worry me. The Phils have the best offense in baseball. They ran into some great pitching. What separates the good teams from the great teams is that you are able to find ways to win. Even when your struggling. Thats exactly what the Phils did. There offense wasn't there and the pitching picked them up