Sunday, October 18, 2009


Phils take game 3 in a squeaker. 2-1 lead in the series. Blanton tomorrow. Go Phils


  1. That was a much needed boost after the Eagles game. Blanton's ready to step up tonight.

  2. Would we be here right now if we never made the trade for Cliff Lee?

    I hear Carlos Carrasco is really turning heads in Cleveland with his 0-4 record and 8.87 ERA.

  3. Would we even be here if we had Halladay? I'm not sure...

    Lets win the next two games in Philly so we can prepare for the Yanks. You know that Gerardi would go out of his way to have Sabathia pitch in New York so he doesn't have to deal with the Philly crowd like last year...

    Ok, Ok...I'm getting way ahead of myself. I can't help it!

    Let's go Phils!

  4. Maybe Blanton and Happ can double up so they can avoid the bullpen again.

    3-1 would be nice