Saturday, October 24, 2009

ALCS Game 6 Postponed

Game 6 has been postponed until Sunday at 8:20pm at Yankee Stadium, due to rain. Andy Petitte and Joe Saunders were scheduled to pitch. It looks as if the Yankees will stick with Petitte - no word on Saunders.

Game 7, if neccassary will be played Monday night at Yankee Stadium.


  1. Yanks could now pitch Sabathia tomorrow night on full rest. But word is Gerardi will stick with Petitte. A little cocky if you ask me. I hope Petitte gets bombed and they find themselves in a do-or-die 7th game.

    Gerardi has been shaky at best. It's fun to listen to the nervous Yanks fans piss and moan on 660.

  2. There is no doubt Giradi is a mediocre manager. They say Petitte is a great stopper but that was what 7-10 years ago? Its not like he has Pedro's pedigree.

    The only reason CC doesn't pitch tomorrow is if they are looking ahead and I believe they are.