Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Last night the Phils held off a very good Rockies team. Troy Tulowitzky is a scary bat in that lineup, and it seemed like Gonzalez was impossible to get out. In my mind that was the second best team in the NL. Every game you were on the edge of your seat, because you can never count that Rockies offense out. The Phils won that series because of experience. You cannot say enough about the way the Phillies handled the Rockies. Charlie talked about it in his press conference last night, he said that 2007 was the most important year for this club. He said "When you strive for excellence, success happens." Charlie may sound like a moron, but he knows what he is talking about. He talked about how in 2007 some guys were afraid in pressure situations. That year was the turning point for this club, and for some players. This team has the experience and the "never say die" attitude. That is what wins pennants and championships, and last night the Phils proved that they can handle these pressure situations, and come through in the clutch. Last night in the top half of the ninth Howard was walking around the dugout saying "get me an at bat boys", look what happened. Game tying double, then he was driven in by Werth in what would eventually be the game winning run. You gotta love this team.

Rollins said it best last night when he said that this wont be the last celebration. If Hamels can get on track, there is no stopping him and Lee in the front of that rotation. Phils win in 6.

P.S. Did anyone else think that Dutch was hammered during Post Game Live last night? He is the best.

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