Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bud Selig- An Asshole for the Ages

A quick rant on this bozo- by R.H.

For the record, I hope it snows 5 feet in Colorado this weekend, just so this joker has egg on his face (again). Yankees-Twins, in a DOME, gets the earlier, primetime spot. No, let's make the game in the Rocky Mountains the late game. 3 hours makes a big difference when the temperature is falling and it might snow. And when the hell did Yankees-Twins become some glamour matchup? It's better than the defending champs against the hottest team down the stretch? Really? Dodgers-Cardinals? Please--two teams that can't get out of their own F'n way.

10:07 start time on the east coast is a disgrace. And Buddy-boy wonders aloud why kids don't watch/play/care about baseball anymore. How could they?

I hope the whole weekend is snowed out, the World Series doesn't end till Nov. 15th, and he has to hold press conferences where he talks in circles and looks like an ass......again.

TBS makes me yearn for Buck and McCarver.....never thought I'd say that. Rant over.

ps- Myers has declared himself available for Sat. night if they need to surrender a 500 ft. foul home run and then possibly start a bean-brawl.

Pedro- The Last Man Standing .

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