Sunday, October 18, 2009

DWDW Pro: Week 6 Edition

Dirty Wudders Degenerate Wagering is a feature of this blog where the three contributors embarrass themselves picking the college and pro games of the week. Here are our picks for Sunday's games.

Namesake's Picks:
Eagles @ Oakland Line: PHI (-14)
Another preseason game for the Birds this week. So far I am thoroughly bored with this season. Only two more games until the Giants. Birds win this one in a blowout.
Pick: Birds giving the 14

Baltimore @ Brett Favre Line: Minny (-3)
Baltimore has been struggling lately and needs to win this game. I just don't see it happening this week on the road in Minny.
Pick: Vikings
Carolina @ Tampa Bay Line: Carolina (-3)
Tampa sucks. Carolina sucks. I have a feeling Carolina sucks a little less, though.
Pick: Carolina

Doc's Picks:
Houston @ Cincinnati Line: Cincy (-4)
Pick: Houston getting the points

Kansas City @ Washington Line: Wash (-6)
Pick: KC getting the points

Chicago @ Atlanta Line: ATL (-3.5)
Pick: Atlanta giving the points

Namesake, 4-4
DW, 4-4
doc, 4-6
Sec202, 2-3


  1. The Vikings almost gave the game away yesterday. The should have lost, if that kicker didnt blow that last FG.