Monday, October 12, 2009

F*ck Yeah, Jimmy

Good morning Philadelphia. The Phils took game 3 a couple of hours ago, 6-5 over the Rockies. In a couple of hours from now, they look to put the Rocks away behind Cliff Lee. Big game last night by Chooch (2-4, 2 RBI's but with a costly late K) and Chase Utley (3-4, HR and a foul ball single, that helped score the winning run). The Phils were 4-11 with RISP and Brad Lidge made nobody nervous during his 2 BB ninth inning (I changed my pants twice).

The top of the lineup came thru in the ninth. Rollins led off with a hit and Victo bunted him to second. Utley, then ripped one off his leg and six or seven feet from home plate that resulted in a single. Howard came thru with a Sac Fly for the win. Shane Victorino was pumped when Rollins scored the go ahead run. (philadelphiawilldo for the audio) (via Fightins)

It would be nice to see the Phils put it away tonight so they can line up Hamels for Game 1 with Lee going Game 3 against the Dodgers. Lucky for us, TBS broadcasts the NLCS also. 6:07pm tonight Go Phils!

Thanks to the Fightins - sweet site by the way. Here's the video.


  1. It was a joke that the game ended at 2:30AM. MLB should be ashamed of themselves.

    We're going to put up 10+ runs tonight for the win.

  2. Fuck yeah Jimmy? Ok, he did come through with that single at the end of the game but the at-bats leading up to that moment were terrible. What the hell was he swinging at? Rollins needs to sit and watch Raul at the plate, the man knows how to work up there while Jimmy takes nine iron shots tryin to put one in the seats. Chooch was the hero of the night. Lets admit it fellas we got away with one last night in more ways than one. Lidge is gonna give me heart attack this post season.

  3. F Yeah Jimmy, is Victo's quote on the audio.

  4. I stand corrected, however he still has a bad approach to the plate. Thanks Mr. Dirty.

  5. I wasn't correcting you - just making sure you saw the audio link - because I agree, he didn't have the best game.

    If Shane said "Fuck yeah Chooch" we would have linked to that