Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fly Guys

With all the distractions going on this time of the year, (World Series) I have not had the opportunity to sit down and actually watch a Flyers game all year. In fact the closest I have come to having anything to do with the Flyers this year was seeing Richards, Emery, and Carter standing in line for Game 1 of the Division Series against the Rockies. Last night I was getting sick and tired of listening to the MLB Network sucking off A-Rod (My thoughts on him coming later today), so I flipped over to the start of the Flyers and Capitals game. Now I have heard that the Flyers were pretty good this year, but like I said I haven't really watched so I didn't know first hand.

Although they lost 4-2 to the Caps, I was pretty freakin impressed with how good the Flyers are. I mean when was the last time you can remember when the Flyers were in the top ten in the league in penalty kill, or on the power play? This year they are top ten in both. (5th in Penalty Kill) I was shocked at how fast this team is, they won almost every loose puck, and they can hit hard. Are the Broad Street Bullies back? This is a tough physical team that can skate with anyone in the league. They have goal scorers on every line, and Pronger really helps out on defense. For the last couple of years one of the Flyers major weaknesses was the ability to play defense. This year, with Pronger, Timmonen, and Coburn holding down the defense this team can be real dangerous. Forget last nights loss, hockey is a long season. I mean everyone pretty much makes the playoffs anyway. This team will definitely be one of the contenders for the cup.

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  1. Pittsburgh and Washington seem like the class of the Conference right now. Detroit is not as good as I would have thought so far