Wednesday, October 14, 2009

NLCS Pitching

First, we will go head to head with the expected starting pitching for both teams. (since only game 1 starters were announced we will go with what seems to be the likely rotations) Overall the Dodgers won the series against the Phils in the regular season, but the starters were hit around. Here are the potential matchups, and advantages.

Game 1: Hamels vs. Wolf
Hamels has been very inconsistent throughout the year, and at times has looked awful. He has really good numbers against the Dodgers especially in the NLCS last year. If he can locate his fastball and mix in that nasty changeup, with an occasional breaking ball he will be unhittable. Wolf is listed as the Dodgers ace going into the series. in his only outing against the Phils this year he was hit around a little bit. He is a decent pitcher, but the edge goes to a real ace in Hamels.

Game 2: Blanton vs. Kershaw
Kershaw is a young dominant lefty with a nasty breaking ball and a 95+ mph fastball. At times he is unhittable, but he can also be erratic. You do not know what to expect from him start to start. He also lacks experience on the big stage. Blanton is not an overpowering pitcher, but he hits his spots. He has had 16 quality starts out of his last 18 to end the season. He is well rested so look for "Heavy B" to out pitch Kershaw. Experience gives the Phils the slight edge in this matchup.

Game 3: Lee vs. Padilla
I think we can all agree who the edge goes to in this one. Lee shut down a really good Rockies defense, and he will shut down the Dodgers too. It looks like he will get the ball in game three.(the first home game) You better believe that CBP will be shaking for game 3. Word is that Padilla will definitely get a start in the NLCS. We all remember this a hole. He is a sinker ball pitcher that has tendencies. If he keeps the ball up he will look like the Padilla that Ed Wade traded for Ricardo Rodriguez. Edge goes to the Phils.

Game 4: Happ vs. Kuroda
The rookie lefty has been a nice addition to the staff this year, He has been a little shaky in the playoffs so far, and I think that is just the part of the growing process. Kuroda shut down the Phils the only time he faced them this year. He has good stuff with a 95+ fastball. He got hot towards the end of the year after his DL stint. Dodgers have the edge in this matchup.

Wildcard: Martinez vs. Billingsley
Pedro is 6-2 with a 3.40 ERA in the playoffs for his career. The Dodgers were the team that traded Pedro to the Expos because they said that he too small. I'm sure that Pedro has not forgotten this and still holds a grudge against the team that gave up on him early in his career. Billingsley has not won a game since July, and has been bumped from the rotation after being their ace for the first half of the year. He actually pitched well against the Phils during the season too. That will not happen if he should get in during the NLCS. Edge goes to the Phils.

The Phils lost the season series to the Dodgers mainly because Brad Lidge and company blew it. The Phillies bullpen is still a question mark, but for at least for the NLDS Lidge looked pretty good. Hopefully he has continued success, and Eyre is ok to pitch. The Dodgers have the best bullpen in baseball. George Sherrill was a huge addition to that already impressive bullpen. With Broxton on the back end with Sherrill and Kuo getting them to him, its almost like you want the starters to stay in the game. Edge clearly to the Dodgers.


  1. Kershaw is pitching Game 1 for the Dodgers.

  2. Where did you hear that?

    Kershaw is their best pitcher. His stuff ranks up their in the tops in the game, but he throws a ton of pitches. He could have 8 K's and 4 BB's after 3 innings but he'll be pulled because of his 95 pitches.

    I heard he is scheduled to pitch games 2 and 6 - but that was a day or so ago. On paper Kershaw gets the edge on Blanton but Blanton is more consistant.

    I doubt Pedro remembers that he ever played for the Dodgers.

    Torre would be a moron to pitch Padilia in Philadelphia.

  3. Hamels is out of excuses. Time for him to perform. Still rumors of Pedro in Game 2. I would go with Blanton myself, but I'd prefer Pedro in a pitcher's park like L.A. over the Bank.
    Lee-Padilla in Game 3....I've never bet on baseball but I might for that one.

  4. Yea the Dodgers announced that he would be the game one starter right after I posted that Wolf would be the game one starter.

    Hamels is out of excuses and he has owned L.A. in the past. Blanton should be the game two starter, and keep Pedro for long relief situations.