Saturday, October 31, 2009

Series Returns to Philly

Needing a little atmosphere, the World Series shifts from "tame and civil" New York to "loud and rowdy" Philadelphia. Phils fans will be on their best behavior hoping to boost Cole Hamels to game 3 victory. Jimmy Rollins made sure the New York newspapers had something to write about before he left town. (quote after the jump)

"It's really more of a different atmosphere at our ballpark, which is so loud and rowdy. I expected that when I came here, but I heard one big cheer, and that was on a home run. Other than that," said Rollins, whose answer trailed off to a shrug. "Expensive tickets are running loud people out,"

Gotta love it when he stirs the pot. It's the truth though. New York cannot compete with Philadelphia when it comes to passion! Lets go Phils

(Beers to McNabbulous for the tip)

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