Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Well here we are again for the second consecutive year, the Phils are one game away from winning the pennant and sending the Dodgers packing...AGAIN. Sorry Bud Selig, TBS, and FOX you will not be getting your wish again this year. The Yankees will most likely be playing the Phillies this year, and there will not be any reunion of Joe Torre going back to New York to take on his former team. It doesn't look good for Joe Torre and the Dodgers as they are on the verge of losing their second consecutive NLCS to yours truly.

Tonight it will be the former NLCS MVP Hamels taking on the former drunk of the Phils rotation, Padilla. Padilla pitched pretty well in game 2, but I cannot believe Torre is starting him in Philadelphia tonight. The way I see it is he couldn't handle the pressure while he pitched here, so what makes anyone (including his former head coach, Larry Bowa) think that he will be able to handle it tonight in a huge game, in his old ball park with the most intimidating fans in baseball. City workers have the signs, street lights, poles, bus stations, and even trees all greased up, now all we need is Hamels to be Hamels tonight. GO PHILS!

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