Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What A Game

Of all the games that I have been to over the years I think that this one has to rank second, only to game 5 of the World Series last year. Jimmy Rollins is the man! This team never disappoints. They come out and play hard until the final out of every single game. Like Charlie said last night in his press conference, "We play all 27 outs". This is the perfect Philadelphia team, this is the team that this city has been waiting for. We all know that Philly fans have a bad rep, but I think that the majority can agree that all we want are teams that will play hard until the final out is made, or the final second ticks off the clock. Pat Gillick and Ruben Amaro have built a machine that does exactly that. Night in and night out someone different steps up in a key situation. If not Lee, then Howard. If not Howard, then Jimmy. The list goes right down the lineup and the rotation, its really unbelievable how resilient this team is.

Throughout a season, whether its football, hockey, basketball, or baseball, teams establish an identity that sticks with them for a long time. With the exception of a few players this Phillies team has the same major pieces as they did last year. The identity that this team has created for themselves is something that not only Phillies fans will never forget, but also anyone else who has watched how this team plays. It has to be intimidating to other teams when they look over to the Phils dugout and see beasts like Howard, Utley, and Werth. There is not one easy out in that entire lineup, and any Phillies pitcher has the ability to go out there and shut down an opposing offense. Now is a great time to be a Phils fan, so take in every pitch and ride this all the way to a repeat. LET'S GO PHILS

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