Tuesday, October 27, 2009

World Series Pitching Matchups

Here are the pitching match ups for the World Series. This is what we have been preparing for since pitchers and catchers in February. I can remember one of the first posts that I made on this blog was about the Phils being good enough to win right now. Back then there was no Lee, and Myers was in the rotation. Moyer was a starter, there was no Pedro, and Blanton was pitching like shit. That was in May, now it is October and the Phils find themselves in the World Series. Ruben Amaro made all the right moves, especially not waiting around for Halladay and getting Lee. Their starting pitching has been huge down the stretch, and they find themselves entering into the world series against the team with the most championships of all time. Here are the expected pitching matchups for the World Series.

Game 1 Lee vs. Sabathia
Both pitchers have been incredible in the playoffs, but Lee has an ERA of 0.74 in the postseason. These two have both won Cy Young awards, and were teammates back in Cleveland. What a way to kick off the World Series with this matchup. This is gonna be a battle in game one, but the Phils have had success in the past against Sabathia. Remember the 2008 NLDS? Remember back in May when the Phils took it to Sabathia in Yankee stadium? Look for the Phils to come out swinging early against this load of shit. The slight edge goes to the Phillies in game one.

Game 2 Pedro vs. Burnett
Pedro is an experienced postseason pitcher, and I know he pitched great last series, but that was in LA in 85 degree weather. I am not so sure that this is a good idea, pitching Pedro in New York. Then again, Charlie has proven us all wrong so many times this year. Expect "Who's Your Daddy Chants" coming from those weak New York fans. Pedro just has to pitch good enough to keep the Phils in the game though. Burnett is hittable. The Phils hit him around pretty good in the regular season, and he has been subpar in the postseason. The edge here goes to the Yankees, unless Pedro can pitch like he has been, but that will remain a mystery until game 2.

Game 3 Hamels vs. Pettite
Well this game all depends on what Hamels shows up. Citizens Bank will be so loud, and if Hamels cannot get fired up for this game , then something is wrong. Pettite is the definition of experience in the postseason. On Sunday Pettite passed Smoltz for the most postseason wins of all time. He also has the best pick off move in baseball. This will make it very tough for the Phils to manufacture runs. Unlike Pettite, Hamels doesn't take steroids, so the edge goes to the Phils

Game 4 Blanton vs. Sabathia
This will be an interesting matchup. Can the Phils beat Sabathia twice this series? I think that Blanton will be on a short leash, and Charlie will revert to matchups if he gets into trouble. Sabathia, going on three days rest, will pitch effectively enough to get through six. The Yankees get the edge in game 4.

After game 4 who knows what the future will hold for the series.

The Bullpens:
Everyone is talking about the Yankees bullpen being so good. Well they suck. I mean Joba Chamberlain sucks, Phil Coke is their lefty specialist who sucks, and Phil Hughes is an overrated prospect, oh and he sucks too. You have to be ahead in the 9th to get to Rivera, and that could pose a big problem for the Yankees. Rivera is a good closer, but so was Broxton and Street.

The Phils are in the same boat as the Yankees in this one. Lidge and Madson are question marks, and have been all playoffs. Lidge still has something to prove from the regular season, and Madson needs to be the setup man we have come to know over the past two years. There is no edge to either team in this area. This is a draw. I think that the series will come down to which pen pitches better. Lidge is the key to the Phils winning.

Position Matchups to come by Namesake
Lets go Phils.
Prediction: Phils in 7


  1. Agree with Phils in 7.

    I'm worried about Pedro going Game 2. If the Phils don't win Game 1 Pedro will have to step up huge on THursday. I hope he's up to the task.

  2. Hughes solidified their bullpen during the regular season but looked terrified in the ALCS.

    Let's be honest. Rivera is slightly better than Street and Broxton right? He is after all the best to ever play the game

    I would have thrown Hamels in Game 2 and Pedro in Game 4. Pedro is the type of guy who can come out and surprise in a game he is not expected to win, against a 3-day CC. I would rather put my two best in the first two games so I can steal home field.

  3. Where do you find these pictures? They are hysterical!