Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Answer?

Stephen A Smith is now reporting that the Sixers are talking about bringing back Allen Iverson, a couple of days after he retired. Well, at least Stephen A said he retired. Former Sixers coach Larry Brown has also reached out ot the answer, saying that he should not retire.

What do the 76ers have to lose at this point? Allen will not bring them a Championship but he may add some much needed excitement to the team - maybe even add an ass or two to the Wachovia Center seats. I would be all for it - there is nothing worse than a boring team that isn't going anywhere. Lou is out 8 weeks too.

I would have to imagine Eddie Jordan would be against this, although sources say he is on board . Not only because of the headaches sure to come but Allen Iverson is pretty much the opposite of the Princeton offense.

A team official told ESPN that Iverson was not being considered on Friday night. The 76ers have filled 58% of the Wachovia Center this season, last in the NBA. That is embarrassing.


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