Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"Around the Horn" Clown takes Shot at Philly.

Another Santa Claus reference by a clueless national idiot. Is it too much to ask to have these clowns do some research and write something original when they are covering an event. Man, next thing you know Stat Boy is going to be doing a Fantasy Football article for the Inquirer. Quote below from his Fanhouse site.

" This is where they booed Santa Claus but gave a standing ovation to a dog killer named Michael Vick. This is where they taunted Mike Schmidt, maybe the best third baseman ever. This is where Donovan McNabb is viewed as an emotional dishrag, where MIchael Irvin was cheered when he lay motionless on the field, where I saw a woman in an UTLEY jersey tell a guy to "stop being a (p----)," where men are men unless someone wonders otherwise, which means your life is screwed."

Hey Jay - Ozzie Guillen thinks you are a "slur"

You could insert a variety of slurs to get my feeling about him.

1 comment:

  1. It was clever for him to include every negative Philadelphia sports cliche in that paragraph. I was I had the writing talent to pull something together that "poetic".

    Does anyone actually like this guy? Every one Chicago thinks he's an idiot because everything he writes is for effect only and has no basis on fact, research, or even educated opinion.

    He's an idiot and shouldn't even be taken seriously.