Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Chone Phiggins?

DW loves rumors and the best part is that we believe every single one of them.'s Jon Heyman, um tweets, that the Phillies are "seriously considering" free agent Chone Figgins.

According to Matthew Pouliot, withNBCsports' Philadelphia may end up as the Angels' primary competition to keep the 2009 AL walks leader. Figgins is likely to seek a four-year deal worth somewhere around $12 million-$13 million per year. If the Phillies signed him, he should replace Jimmy Rollins as the team's leadoff hitter. Shane Victorino could keep batting second, while Rollins takes his mediocre OBP to the seventh spot in the order behind Raul Ibanez

I felt that Chone would be too pricey for the Phillies but he may be the best option out there. The "AL walks leader" would look oh so good hitting ahead of the heart of the order. I have accepted Rollins as a leadoff hitter, mostly because of the amount of runs that he scores but I have always felt he had the mentality of an RBI guy.


  1. How is Figgins as a defensive 3B? Feliz helped the pitchers alot so I hope they don't overlook defense.

  2. I heard the Mets are going after Figgins to play 2B and/or OF.

    I also read that Figgins is one of the top 3B defensively so ignore my earlier concern.