Sunday, November 1, 2009

DWDW Pro - Week 8 Edition

Dirty Wudders Degenerate Wagering is a feature of this blog where the three contributors embarrass themselves picking the college and pro games of the week. Here are our picks for Sunday's games.

Namesake’s Picks:

Minnesota (6-1) @ Green Bay (4-2) Line: GB (-3) O/U: 47
Did you hear Fox is going to have a camera dedicated solely to Brett Favre throughout this entire game? One of the gayest things I have ever heard in my life. Does anyone really give a shit about Favre other than the major media outlets? I don’t. I hope he breaks his arm on Sunday.
Pick: GB over Favre.

Carolina (2-4) @ Arizona (4-2) Line: Arizona (-10) O/U: 41.5
Jake Delhomme will be starting again this week for Carolina. John Fox has obviously given up on life, good for him. Carolina sucks.
Pick: Zona by 20.

Doc's Picks:

N.Y. Giants (5-2) at Philadelphia (4-2) Line: 0 O/U: 44.5

Maybe the Eagles will prove me wrong. I hope so. I do not have any confidence the way Donovan has played the past 2 weeks. Giants killer Westbrook probably won't play. Winston gets another shot at the Giants. I think the Eagles know how to play the Giants but they just arn't playing well right now. I'm rooting Birds but picking against them.

Pick: Giants

Houston (4-3) at Buffalo (3-4) Line: Hou (-3) O/U: 42

Houston is hot and cold. Great or terrible. Buffalo has a way of making other teams look great. Suprised that T.O. is a non factor in his first chance without a pro bowl QB..I'm not. He's always been a me first, numbers guy. He deserves the Buffalo Bills.

Pick: Texans giving the points

Share your picks below.

DW: 6-5
Namesake: 6-6-1
Doc: 7-8
Sec: 2-3

Beers to Busted Coverage for the pics.


  1. Doc: 1-1

    Namesake: late games

  2. Total violation on your part, Doc. You should be ashamed of yourself for picking the Giants.

  3. You should be thanking me..Eagles don't win that game if I picked them