Sunday, November 1, 2009

Eye of the Storm

How about 'dem Birds? McNabb coming off of two TERRIBLE performances, was as accurate as I've seen him in a log time. Giants killer Brian Westbrook OUT? How about the Eagles run the ball through the heart of the Giants D. Weaver and Mccoy were both damn good. Desean was Desean. Gotta love Celek. Always nice to beat the shit out of a New York team, especially after last night's dissapointment. 5-2, with 2 straight wins over NFC East teams is pretty solid. Bring on Dallas!

Eli Manning stinks. How is he the highest paid player in the NFL? The Eagles got their hands on almost every ball he threw. He looked like a scared puppy in the pocket. Jacobs does not scare me at all, as a featured running back. Bradshaw is the more dangerous back on that team. In the Inky today, in 5 keys, said that the "Giants let Plaxico go for a reason - they had better receivers than him". Are you serious? Plax was Manning's security blanket. When Eli would soil himself he could always through a jump ball to Burress. Steve Smith is decent. Nicks has potential. Manningham? Whatever there are a hundred receivers like him. None of those guys are difference makers..Ok enough of the Giants..frauds.

So far this weekend, Eagles hammered the giants, Sixers outscored the knicks and the yankees beat the Phils. Tonight, the Phils put the icing on the cake of a great weekend.

Thanks to Nard Dog for scoring tickets to the game tonight and allowing me to be in attendence tomorrow. Better bring the heat on ARod tonight! I was quite dissapointed on the crowd's reaction to him. He is a sensitive lttle bitch, fans need to attack him. Well, at least verbally. Get him off his game. Read this story.

Wanda Sykes makes me want to punch a whole in my wall, I long for the the Men of a Certain Age commercial from TBS. Not really. I think Blanton keeps the Phils in the game tonight. I'm confident in him, he was consistant this year. The Phillies have to work "Fat Sabbath" (Thanks cuz G.H.) in the early innings, get him out in the middle and erupt on the relief. Ryan Howard wakes up with a couple of hits and a bomb. The right handed hitters and switch hitters need to step up. How about 11-6 Phils.


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