Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hobbs Done - Joselio Suspended

Ellis Hobbs has been placed on Injured Reserve, ending his season. He will need neck surgery. Joselio Hanson has been suspended 4 games for injesting a diuretic before last season NFC Championship game. Diuretics are banned because they supposedly mask steroid use but Hanson says he ingested it because he felt full after some chinese food. Black Hanson is listed at 185 lbs.

Donovan McNabb reportedly did not ingest a diuretic before the Super Bowl in 05 but maybe he should have. Desean Jackson has fired his agent and hired Drew Rosenhaus. Next question. (


  1. The combination of Desean Jackson and Drew Rosenhaus worries me a lot! I smell a holdout either this year or next.

    Isn't it odd that Hanson failed a drug test before the NFC Championship and we're just hearing about it now? It's just like when JC Romero failed a test during the World Series last year and we didn't find out until Spring Training. Is it just the leagues trying to cover it up during the playoffs so there is no controversy? As fans, I think we should find out right away whether they have failed a drug test. I understand that there are appealing procedures to follow, but as fans who pay their salary, the leagues owe us full disclosure.

  2. Wow DB just went from a deep position to a thin one.

  3. Desean Jackson will be doing shirtless situps in his driveway in no time.

    I told my cousin Joselio not to take them! He can be so damn stubborn sometimes.
    It is weird that we're just hearing about it now. McNabb received a bunch of eye-drops right before the Arizona game.

    Hanson said he "felt full from Chinese food"??? Is he serious? Take a nap, take a dump, don't take a substance banned by your league.

    White Hanson