Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Morning After

76ers 82 Nets 79: Thaddeus Young scored 20 as the Sixers beat the winless Nets to improve to .500. You almost have to feel bad for Jersey when you looked at their bench and saw the 5 empty seats where their injured/sick guys would be. But then you realize that Jersey would have probably hammered the Sixers if those guys played. Nasty dunk by Igoudala. NBAtipoff: Video: Andre Iguodala Nasty Reverse Dunk

Cavs 102 Magic 93: 36, 8 and 4 for LeBron. Shaq added 10 points but also helped hold Howard to 11, by getting him in foul trouble. Mo Williams scored 28 on 12-20 shooting. LeBron actually shook hands after this game. (yahoo)

Devils 3 Ducks 1: Gordon Bombay is now on the hot seat after this loss to the shorthanded Devils team. The Flying V didn't even work and Marty Brodeur was on top of his game.

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  1. Speights had another great game and Thaddeus Young finally hit stride. Lou Williams played okay (doesn't he kinda look like a middle school girl?), but still makes too many bad decisions at the point. Another weak game for Brand. He definitely seems to be getting frustrated with his lack of playing time. He needs to get into a groove and start scoring.

    Lopez on NJ is a nasty big man and Dalembert got away with two fouls in a matter of seconds in the last minute that sealed the game.

    If it takes a all of that to beat a terrible and undermanned Nets team....we're in for a long season.

    Also, did anyone notice that Jason Kapono is number 72? Is that the highest Sixers number since Shawn Bradley was #76? What's with awkward white guys and their really high numbers?