Friday, November 27, 2009

The Morning After

Bad Guys 10 Good Guys 7: Sec202 did the pre-game talking but it was the bad guys who were laughing at the end. The BG's started the scoring with a short dump pass to the Gazelle who looked more like a gizezel as he galloped his way past the defense. A quick stop and a quick score made it 2 zip. Infrequent reader and almost never contributor, moose, then took over for the good guys with a pick 6 and a roar that I am sure all of Pennsylvania heard. All of a sudden it was 3-2 GG that eventually turned into a 5-4 halftime lead. ConCon was the secret weapon for the good guys scoring 2 key touchdowns with Egon also catching one.

It was all Bad Guys in the 2nd half. Led by Brad Pitt's two second half INT's and multiple touchdown grabs, doc's 6 2nd half TD passes, NardDogs shut down D and some big yards after the catch, the bad guys outscored the good guys 6-2. Sec202 had some big grabs for the losers but was forced to play alot of QB because of the lollipops the rest of the team was throwing. Hungryformore played some solid defense and caught a TD bomb from Pitt that made up for his ill-advised 1st half passing and jaw-dropping dropped passes. Namesake got hammered on the sidelines watching the game but vowed to play again next year. The Bad Guys took a commanding 2-1 series lead.

MVP: Brad Pitt (past winners - '08 Sec202; '07 Golden Glove)
Entertainer: Moose - 3 INT's with 1 for a score. Almost had 2 until the hired sniper's gunshot took his legs out on his way to glory. The "ROAR" showed some intensity only seen before from him with a "big guy" in his hands at the bar swallowing somebody's helpless ear while that somebody desperately looks for an escape. When he wasn't picking off passes he was being exploited as "white" toast.

Broncos 26 G-Men 6: Brian Dawkins led the way for Denver forcing New York to its 5th loss in its last 6 games. Dawkins led a ferocious defense 48 hours after calling a players-only meeting that obviously struck a chord. (AP) Tell me the Eagles couldn't use him on Defense. The highest paid player in the NFL was sacked twice and threw a pick in leading the Giants to 6 whole points.

Texas 49 A&M 39: Colt Mccoy threw 4 scores and ran for annother leading the Longhorn's to a shootout win. Only Nebraska stands in between Texas and the BCS National Title Game.

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  1. Probably my best performance to date in the Thanksgiving day game.