Monday, November 30, 2009

ND Fires Weis

I know, not very shocking but ND AD Jeff Swarbrick announced that the Irish have fired Charlie Weis.(nbcsports) The Irish finished 6-6 after a promising 6-2 start. Weis finishes with a career record of 35-27, worse than both Ty willingham and Bob Davie.

Weis signed a 10 year deal after a 34-31 loss against top ranked USC a couple of years ago. That is not a good sign when the teams best performance during his tenure may have been a loss. Weis had 6 years remaining on his deal.


  1. This was definitely a long time coming and absolutely necessary.

    As an ND fan I absolutely hate Weiss because his ego not only cost us games, but also recruits. Although I don't think he'll ever be a good head coach, his ability to develop QBs is unmatched (Tom Brady, Brady Quinn, Jimmy Clausen).

    I REALLY hope that the ND players vote to turn down a bowl bid this year because it will make a statement that seasons like this are unacceptable for ND and we need to start now to rebuild for next year. I'm going to assume that Jimmy Clausen and Golden Tate will be gone next year but the offense should still be powerful with Rudolph and Michael Floyd. Hopefully we can find a QB to throw to them.

    As for the coaching vacancy, I'm probably crazy but I really don't want to bring in Urban Meyer or Bob Stoops (as the rumors indicate). They're both good coaches but I want to bring someone in who can make a name for himself at Notre Dame. I like the Cincinnati coach Brian Kelly as a replacement.

    More importantly, I think a defensive coordinator is needed. Every year, ND gets the top (if not the top) defensive players in the country. Every year, it seems that they are a step or two slower than every team they play. Why is that? It must be coaching!

    This is a good day to be an ND fan...Good Bye Charlie!

    GO IRISH!!!

  2. Fat man walking. Mike, when I saw that headline, I thought maybe ND fired Frederick "French Toast" Weis. Just busting balls.
    How much was the buyout? Bad job by the ND hierarchy jumping the gun with that 10 year deal. I think Isiah gave him that deal.

  3. Quinn and Clausen were Blue Chip QB's who played with NFL type talent around them. I'm not saying that he isn't a good offensive coach but unmatched may be a stretch.

    Golden Tate and Michael Floyd are two of the best college recievers I have seen. That game Saturday night was an offensive clinic with those 2 and Toby Gerhart. That guy is incredible - I didn't follow him all that much this year but his numbers suggest he should be a Heisman favorite. 205 yards rushing 3 TD's and another throwing (on 4th down)?? He also played for Stanford's College World Series Team.

  4. Yeah they gave him the deal when his record was 5-2 in his first year...I am not often right (so I need to speak up when I am) but even Spider will tell you I was ripping them for that deal at the time. He never earned it

  5. Quinn was a good high school QB but was a completely different player after Weiss arrived in his junior year.

    Don't make me stick up for Charlie Weiss on a day like today. It's going to make me sick.

    I don't think anyone could believe when Weiss got the extension but there were rumors that he was getting NFL head coaching offers during the season (I wish he took them!). ND finally saw some promise in the program and wanted to hold onto it.