Sunday, November 8, 2009

Phils Decline Option on Feliz

The Phillies have declined the option for 2010 on third baseman Pedro Feliz’ contract, general manager Ruben Amaro, Jr. announced in a press release. The Phillies had a $5.5 million option, a $5 million salary for 2010 and a $500,000 buyout.(

There is a variety of options for the Phils including Adrian Beltre and Chone Figgins [philliespulse]. There is still a chance of Feliz returning if neither sides find a better option.

Pedro was mostly a liability at the plate for the Phils but he had his moments including Game 5 of each of the past 2 World Series. He was a great glove defensively.


  1. Polanco's becoming a free agent - right? Anyone think he can play third?

  2. I mis-typed in the post. It was Game 4 - he had the big homer.

  3. I always liked Polanco. The decision to get rid of Polanco because David Bell was under contract still makes me angry - a bunch of years ago.

    I think he would be a dynamite bench player/super utility guy.

    Not sure how I feel as him as my everyday starter..but I could be sold on him. He doesn't strike out and puts the ball in play which is a plus.