Wednesday, November 18, 2009

PSU Pulls a Henry Hill on Fans

News from State College via The Big Lead and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette online:

Cutting to the chase: For many years, Penn State has charged Nittany Lion Club members a minimum of $100 per seat per season for the opportunity to purchase tickets. That goes for tickets on the 50-yard line or in the end zone.

The school has not yet announced specifics of the proposed arrangements, but according to a report in Sunday's Harrisburg Patriot-News, which school spokesman Greg Myford did not dispute in Monday's Mirror, PSU is considering raising the mandatory minimum to $600 between the 40-yard lines, $400 between the 40s and the goal lines and $200 in the end zone. 

Oh you’re unemployed, fuck you, pay me. Can’t afford to send your kids to college, fuck you, pay me. The country is in the midst of an historic recession, fuck you, pay me. You don’t think a mediocre two-loss football team deserves and exorbanant increase in ticket prices in order to support non-money-making sports clubs….you get the idea.

As long as they still have $1 pitchers at The Lions Den, I’m good. 


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